10 useful tools for developers


Ever struggled with writing the best possible, mistake-proof, regex sentence? If the answer is ‘yes!’, then you should get familiar with pythex It will present to you the outcome of your regex. If you’re are not sure if your regex will return exactly what you are looking for, than go straight to pythex and find out. 


This one doesn’t need introduction but had to appear on this list. The first choice when looking for answers and hints about programming, stackoverflow is so popular because of it’s many contributors which grow every single day. The community is what makes stackoverflow.


Hackerrank Is a community you want to be part of – believe me. You can improve your coding skills taking on their challenges and compete with other programmers. You can learn new things going through their tutorials and you can browse jobs. Finally, you can run into interesting articles written by tech industry specialists – like this one, written by Atlassian CIO Archana Rao.


Similarly to hackerrank, codewars is a place where young padawans and experienced masters of programming meet. You choose a language and you solve puzzles. Efficiency of the code is important, so the solution you provide must be also quick even for tests containing heavier data. For solving a challenge you get points. I have joined it around two weeks ago and managed to score 147 points by now by finishing 16 katas (challenges).


Go on and write any terminal command that comes to your mind and you will get a complete explanation of its components. Explainshell Great for learning since understanding is the key.


Having trouble with understanding git commands? Learn git branching is a game (well, kind of 🙂 ) that will help you understand how branching works and how to navigate yourself through repositories.


Regexcrossword is for those of you who prefer learning through fun. Those crossroads will teach you complex rules of regex syntax.


Color-hailpixel is also a site to find colors. What I love about it, is its simplicity. Creating your own palette is also possible because the screen splits in half whenever you click saving the chosen colour. 


My favourite free stock photos collection. Did you know that articles or tweets are more likely to drive attention if there is a picture? When we are all scrolling our screens it is usually some nice pic or movement that catches the eye, right? You don’t have to be a professional photographer or spend a lot of time on your own to provide your website with great photos. You can just find them on pexels :).


When I work, write, code, learn – I need to hear something. If you are the same, check this app! Noisli is a recorded collection of nature sounds that you can mix with each other. Fancy a fire by the beach at night? Maybe a nice day in the woods near the river? I personally like the storm sounds, but my absolute favourite is the busy afternoon in a coffee shop. Noisli has also a very nice design. You can use it for free on their website. If you wish to save your combos or share them with friends or coworkers you need to sign up. Noisli is also available as an app for your phone but this you need to pay for (in polish AppStore the price is 8,99 zlotych which is around 2,5 $)

I am just getting started! Stay alert for more lists like this to come! Hope you like it and I am curious what are your useful tools? Please do share! Have an amazing day!

The only place where success comes before work is in dictionary.

~ Vince Lombardi

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