Fast Fixes: Single-Use​ Plastic

If you care about the planet, one of the easiest changes that you can introduce into your life is eliminating single-use plastic. Look around, how many of them can you spot near you at this very moment?

Plastic cups, cup covers, straws, plastic forks/knives/spoons, food wraps, one-time food packages, plastic bottles… It seems like there is no escape.

Don’t get me wrong, I am nothing close to perfect either but I do want to change my bad habits. My journey began a while ago when I started to pay attention to what I was eating. I tried to use more eco-friendly products and reduce my plastic waste. 

My beginnings were very chaotic and I kept disobeying my own rules. Like that one time when I ordered a smoothie and got a straw along with it. I felt guilty about the straw which I threw out but I was afraid to point it to the barista behind the counter. The idea of making a scene because of such a small object made me feel uncomfortable, so I said nothing (just like millions of people around the world). That moment was a pure failure. Today I’ve come to the realization these small but bold actions are the ones that make a difference. 

I decided to broaden my knowledge about environmental topics and introduce real changes in my life. There’s nothing better than a plan supported by quality research. 

My journey to stop failing starts today. 

Let’s set some rules:

#1 Fabric bags

At the moment I own three bags but only one I have with me in Manchester where I recently moved, for sure I’m gonna look around to increase this number. Fortunately, it became quite popular so it’s easy to buy a nicely designed item. Choose one that shows off your personality! Make a statement!

Some ideas to get you started:

For creative – design your own
String bags
With a  – symbol of Manchester
For Banksy lovers
For rebels 🙂

#2 Reusable bottle

I bought mine a couple of years back when I was living in Warsaw. It’s funny, it’s durable and keeps my drink hot in the winter and chilled in the summer. I would recommend the thermos ones since they are very practical.

Some ideas to get you started:

Tree Tribe with a lifetime warranty
Very handy model from Dafi
For travelers who want their water safely filtered – more information and recommended items, you’ll find in this article!

#3 Reusable take-out cup

Definitely worth investing in. Besides obvious environmental advantages and clean consciousness, own coffee cup can also help you save some money. Check if there are coffee shops near you that give a discount for reusing your cup:

  • Pret a manger (50p)
  • Starbucks (25p)
  • Costa (25p)
  • Caffe Nero (double loyalty stamps)

Don’t be shy and ask for a discount at your favorite cafe!

After a brief research, I found a perfect cup for myself: rCup which thermal layer is made from used coffee cups.

  • 100% leak-proof,
  • keeps the temperature,
  • dishwasher safe,
  • bisphenol free,
  • comes with two sizes 227ml and 340ml,
  • few color variations,
  • costs £11.

Some ideas to get you started:

My choice – rCup
Nicely design in many colors and sizes from Chilly’s
Made from bamboo Ecoffee Cup

#4 Avoid other single-use plastics

I solemnly swear that as of now, whenever I’ll end up buying a single-use plastic item I will share it on social media (both Twitter and Instagram) with hashtags #plasticshame #boldfortheplanet. Hopefully, I will be more ashamed of that then to give back the straw to the barista 🙂 

Some ideas to get you started:

Cutlery set
Food and container lids
Straws: Edible, Bamboo, Stainless Steel


That’s it. Four simple to follow rules for starters. If anyone fancies joining me on my journey to a more sustainable future and a healthier planet – I am more than happy to welcome you, exchange ideas and swap stories. The more the merrier! 

Let the #boldfortheplanet project begin!


It always seems impossible

until it’s done.

~ Nelson Mandela

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