The Bayley Film Club

As we all are stuck on our cozy sofas, stocking up on toilet paper and hunting for delivery slots from local supermarkets – I have decided to use this extra time saved from commuting to work and not being able to go pub hopping and explore what restaurants have to offer & start a Film Club. As sophisticated as it sounds it is a small operation that initially was designed to fit inside of my small apartment and involve only two members (including myself!). However, as quarantine stepped in across the world, I thought why not make it a more organized activity?

So here we are, launching the Bayley Film Club! The objective is very simple. I have created a list of directors consisting of 65 names. Every week we will perform a lottery to pick a name. Then I will share two films from the selected director that we (my boyfriend and I) personally find interesting (one each). Everyone is welcome to participate – either by watching & sharing their thoughts about the films or about the director in general.

The name

The Bayley is a building in Manchester city center that used to be a prison – with all the lockdowns and people being forced to isolate I thought it would be accurate.

Week 1

The director selected for the initial round – Coen brothers.

Film 1: No Country for Old Man

Film 2: The Big Lebowski

What’s next?

I will share our brief reviews on both films here each week and the ones mentioned above are coming very soon! Stay tuned!

Follow my Instagram for updates on the next lotteries and films!


Stay home & stay safe everyone!


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