Summary of 2020

‘What a year’, doesn’t even cover half of what we encountered in 2020, and no one could prepare themselves for what the world has been though. Now, at the very start of 2021, I am sure we are all glad that 2020 is finally over and we can look to 2021 with some doze of hope. Regardless of last years difficulties, I have picked out some personal positives in my summary of 2020!

The website

I managed to publish 3 times as many articles as the previous year and, whilst I have continued to write about the environment and self-awareness, I have ventured into reviewing films, which brings us to the second important event of 2020. 

The Bayley Film Club

In March 2020 many countries closed borders and advised their citizens to stay at home, creating the new reality in which we are still living in. The lockdown got us thinking about how can we be creative and productive – so, The Bayley Film Club was born. I created a list of over 60 names of directors and we have regularly pick a name out of a silver bowl to watch two films made by that specific artist. We rate the films out of 10 based on anticipation, enjoyment and retrospect and write a short review. Today we have covered 19 directors. 


I had my go at Spanish and one day I might go back to it, but for now I decided to focus my linguistic efforts on Russian. The change was driven by my plans of continuing my higher education in aerospace engineering, where Russian language could come in handy one day :).

Golf & squash

Two activities that I did not expect to play let alone be good at, however I have taken to them like a duck to water.  

I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things when squash courts and golf courses reopen. Oh, and sometime this year maybe I will manage to treat myself to some fancy new gear!


Cricket used to be this weird sport, a bit like baseball but not exactly. In fact, those two disciplines don’t have very much in common and fans of both would probably tell you that in a slightly less friendly tone. I happened to watch some cricket matches last year and the more I learned about it, the more I liked it! So this year I hope to be able to attend a game and watch it live, not virtually! Fingers crossed!


My oh my. This is probably one of the things I am most proud of! It took me 3 years to get here, but finally I managed to read 52 books in a year! My favourites you can find on the list that I prepared here.


Landing a freelance job was probably a result connections made of the last few years . When I left my job in Warsaw to learn programming and data science, during that year (2019) after finishing my courses I started looking for a remote job – that is how I ran into Torre. At the time they had a pretty cool job opening of remote work ambassador which consisted of travelling around the world and creating content to promote remote work setup and their recruitment platform. I didn’t get the job, but I got my foot in the door and a year later they contacted me asking if I would be interested in some freelance work for them (around data analysis). I was, and here I am, with my first remote by design job and a first ever side hustle ;). My point is – you never know when something small will become relevant to your future. 


The first polaroid photograph that I owned was taken during my friend’s birthday party when we were around 10 years old. A blinding flash of light and minutes later I stood there, with a freshly printed photo in my hands. This was during times before digital photography become broadly available, I was stunned. Since that moment I dreamt of owning a polaroid – and my wish came true on Christmas Eve 2020! 


This year I continued my efforts towards decreasing my environmental footprint. I also decided to set a monthly donation for Greenpeace. If you have, even a small amount to spare, I encourage you to support them too. We all dream of a better future, yet too often we do to little to make that dream a reality. This year I also hope to find time to get more engaged with their initiatives.

Blood donating

I started to donate blood when I turned 18 and I have continued to do so on regular basis. I had to stop for some time but I am happy to be doing it once more. If you are generally healthy and want to do some good, there is no better, easier and more selfless act than blood donation, after all – you could save someone’s life!


Life isn’t all about work and projects and self-realisation, despite us often believing that it is. The fact that as a society spend the majority of our lives working, this  doesn’t automatically transfer this area into being the most important. 

Friends, family and relationships – these are the factors that we as social beings need the most. Without the support of others, especially our loved ones, we wouldn’t be able to achieve much. This is as much true for me as it is for anybody. This year a relationship with ‘my favorite person, as I like to call him, grew stronger and more confident than I could have ever imagined and I am very lucky to be this happy. On top of that, in January 2020, my closest family circle increased by one when my nephew was born. I have never met a more charming human being.

My secret project

The biggest and most time consuming part of my secret project is now done. I am very excited about it and cannot wait for the moment I will be able to share some more information about it! Hopefully, that will come soon! 

What comes next…

This year I plan to focus on:

  • my secret project, 
  • more programming, 
  • Learning (physics, maths, aeronautics & space studies)
  • 1SE (again I am taking the challenge of recording one second of every day this year, as I did for the year 2018)
  • Adding some certified skills to my resume 😉

 But also continue with:

  • The Bayley Film Club,
  • Writing here (#boldfortheplanet, #advicefortoday)
  • Russian
  • Freelancing

2021 – let’s do it!

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