About me

Hi, I’m Agnieszka (Agsy) Drapińska.

I’m an aviation engineer, hobbyist programmer, writer, feminist, and tech enthusiast. Among the nerdy stuff, I am passionate about art, fashion, and photography. I am all into self-development and self-awareness. Interested in investing, economic situation, and environmental/social issues – especially considering wildlife protection, global pollution, renewable energy, and woman’s rights.

On this website, you will find posts that are in the wide range of my interests.
Currently, the major categories are the following:

  • Bold for the Planet; #boldfortheplanet – pieces that are considering the environmental issues
  • The Bayley Film Club; #thebayleyfilmclub – a project launched to bring some creativity in times of quarantines and lockdowns due to COVID-19; about watching good films – every week is with a different director
  • Advice for Today; #advicefortoday – articles about self-awareness, opinionated views on how not to go crazy in this insane world
  • Programming – mainly around python, data science, AI & SQL

I am a keen reader so occasionally you will find some book reviews and – since I do not like to limit myself – many other ‘uncategorized’ stuff!

The most corageous act is still to think for yourself.
~ Coco Chanel

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